Basic cabins
We have 12 basic cabins (8–12 sq.m).
The cabins each sleep 2 – 4 persons, and each have a fridge, cooking element and heater.

Prices for a basic cabin per night
8 sq.m and 9 sq.m: Kr 420,-
12 sq.m: Kr 550,-

Tents, campervans and caravans
We also have an area designated for tents, campervans and caravans.

Sanitary facility
Shared sanitary facility with separate sections for men and women.
Toilet, shower and laundry with washing machine and clothes drier.

Photo gallery Motorhome and caravans without electricity NOK 200,-
Motorhome and caravan with electricity NOK 250,-
Tent with car or motorcycle NOK 100,- + NOK 30,- per adult and NOK 15,- per child
Tent only NOK 80,- Bed linen hire NOK 80,- per bed (sheets, pillow and duvet covers)
Duvet and pillow hire NOK 30,- per bed
Towel hire NOK 20,-